We May Find Out If Ray Kurzweil Has A Sense Of Humor

Word came out yesterday that a potential television project at the FX Network involves the ‘singularity’ – not the gravitational one associated with a black hole, but the technological one prophesied by technologist Ray Kurzweil (among others).  He envisions a tipping point in the future where the development of artificial/technological intelligence will surpass human intelligence and expand at a rate that marks a dramatic change in civilization.

The potential television project is a comedy currently being developed by actor/writer/producer Seth Rogen and his frequent partner Evan Goldberg.  The project is very early in the development process, with both men still working on a pilot script that they would film early in the next year.  Their collaborations have mostly been broad comedies, but some of them have brushed up against issues or themes with resonance beyond the jokes and sight gags.  Will this be a satire like Idiocracy, but related to technology?  It’s possible, and should this get to air, I’ll at least watch the first few episodes to find out.


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