Maybe There Will Be A Mammoth Movie *Not* On The SyFy Channel

While work continues on the next Jurassic Park/Jurassic World film, people in Hollywood want to see some giant mammals get screen time.  Fox has optioned a book from Ben Mezrich on the 2015 effort to fuse the DNA of a mammoth with that of an elephant (H/T Gizmodo).  The book, called Woolly: The True Story of the De-Extinction of One of History’s Most Iconic Creatures, is not yet released.  It chronicles the work of geneticist George Church and will be published next fall.  (This isn’t an uncommon practice in Hollywood, the book version of Hidden Figures will be published a few months before the film is released.)

It’s quite early to tell what kind of film may emerge from this project, if one does at all.  Mezrich is an accomplished writer, having written two books that were made into successful films (21, The Social Network).  The Deadline article describes the pitch to the studio as part Jurassic Park and part Indiana Jones, so it could be a highly fictionalized account that bears passing reference to the source material.

Regardless of what happens, it wouldn’t be the first mammoth in the modern era movie.  Whether it will be the first one that is more than a ‘monster’ film remains to be seen.


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