Science and Technology Guest on Late Night, Week of August 1

This week the Comedy Central programs are recovering from their convention coverage, and the folks over at Conan are starting a long August break.  This is what I think of when I hear the ‘dog days’ of August.

Repeats of note include tonight’s edition of Conan, which was the recent appearance at Comic Con of the cast of Silicon Valley, the HBO series chronicling a start up technology company.  The other repeat worth listing include Friday’s edition of Last Call with Carson Daly.  It’s a repeat of February’s appearance by Dominic Monaghan, who hosts the nature program Wild Things.

Tonight (Monday) Simon Helberg is on The Late Show.  He plays an engineer on The Big Bang Theory, but he is likely on to promote his latest film, which is about a singer.  Occasional science writer Malcolm Gladwell sits down with Stephen Colbert on Thursday, likely to discuss his new history podcast.  At least one episode to date has engaged science (a RAND research study on the impact of bombings on North Vietnamese), and more may follow.  Morgan Freeman will be on Thursday’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live!  He’s promoting the new Ben-Hur movie, but may mention Through the Wormhole or another of his science-themed projects.

Two items of note from last week, both appearing on Conan.  The comedian on the July 25th program, Matthew Broussard covered female anatomy in a good portion of his segment.  Nothing notable about that on its face, but Broussard delves into the subject from a clinical and historical perspective that is informative and funny.  Of course, you’re mileage may vary on that last point, and it’s fair to say some of his comedy is not for the kids.

On the July 27th edition of Conan, the host had a phone call with “Donald Trump” to discuss (among other things) the recent hack of the Democratic National Committee’s emails.  I list it here because it gets quite technical in discussing the matter.

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