Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 25

This week the Democratic National Convention takes place in Philadelphia, and that will prompt similar late night changes to what happened last week.  There should be an episode of Weekend Update on Wednesday night, The Late Show is live (to the East Coast) at least through Thursday, and there may be an extra episode of Full Frontal on Wednesday night.  I have no idea if science and technology matters will play a role in any of this, but it’s fair to say the situation is relatively fluid.

As for the convention, from what I’ve seen of the schedule, it appears that any science and technology issue discussion is limited to meetings that are not on the convention floor.  Some people are speaking about various medical conditions, but none of them are slated for evening spots that will receive much media attention (and therefore serve as fodder for the late night programs).

Last week I mentioned an appearance from Ron Suskind on Monday’s edition of The Late Show to discuss a documentary focused on his autistic son.  That did not happen.  It’s entirely possible that the interview was recorded and will be aired at a later date, because that happened with another guest scheduled for Monday night.  Her interview aired on Friday, which was mostly a ‘highlights’ show with in-studio introductions from Colbert recorded very early Friday morning.

Promotion continues for the new Star Trek film (again, I’m mentioning only those actors who play scientists or engineers in the film).  Zachary Quinto, who plays Science Officer Spock, was on Live with Kelly this morning and will be on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night.

Tatiana Maslany, recently nominated for an Emmy recognizing her work as several clones on Orphan Black, makes the rounds this week as well.  She appears on The Late Late Show Tuesday and on the episode of Chelsea that Netflix premieres on Friday.  On that same episode is the science author Mary Roach.  Her latest book focuses on military science and technology and like some of her other books, embraces things that many would consider squeamish.

In other guest news, scholar of (among other things) behavioral economics Cass Sunstein, who is usually part of any discussion involving ‘nudges’ in public policy, is on The Nightly Show on Thursday.

No ‘missed content’ this week, mainly due to politics dominating the late night landscape (unless you were with Conan O’Brien at Comic Con).  That may happen again this week.


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