Wait Wait Talks With NASA Administrator

7/23 Update – Added the topic of the Not My Job quiz.

The NPR radio program “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!” taped in the Washington D.C. area tonight, and the episode will air on NPR stations this weekend.  As occasionally happens when the show is near the capital, the show convinces a senior government official to appear on it’s Not My Job segment, where they are asked questions about things they know nothing about.

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden is this week’s guest.  The interview (which will likely be edited for broadcast due to length) covered Bolden’s extensive career in the Marines and NASA before spending a lot of time on Mars and the movie The Martian.  Again, it might not be reflected in the final broadcast, but all three of the guest panelists (Roxanne Roberts, Tom Bodett and Paula Poundstone) joined host Peter Sagal in asking questions.  Sadly, I have forgotten the subject of the Not My Job quiz, but we can all hear it this weekend.  (ETA: It’s about Scott Baio, who played Charles in the television show Charles in Charge)


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