Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 18

July 18 – Edited to add Karl Urban’s appearance (he plays Doctor McCoy) on Friday’s edition of The Talk

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Conventions this week (and next) will put a bit of a spin on the late night schedule.  I can’t rule out network coverage of this week’s Republican convention from running long, at least on the night when Mr. Trump formally accepts the nomination.  So check those local listings and pad those DVRs just to be safe.

Additionally, there are special late night episodes of both Full Frontal and Saturday Night Live scheduled for Wednesday.  I don’t think they will touch on science and/or technology matters, but there’s an outside chance because…

Currently scheduled to speak at the Republican convention on Wednesday is former NASA astronaut Eileen Collins.  She has indicated she will speak about American space exploration, but I’m not as persuaded as the author of this Mashable piece that space will be a major theme of the evening (which coincides with the 47th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing).  Yes, Senator Ted Cruz and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are also scheduled to speak that night, and both men have some experience as space boosters.  But they are scheduled much later in the program, and are much better known for things (and for rhetoric) that seems more in tune with other non-science themes of the week.

To be clear, Collins will be speaking before major network coverage begins on Wednesday night, meaning you will need to watch her speech on one of the cable news networks or online.

But I could be wrong.

On to the regular programs.  With the latest Star Trek film coming out this week, the cast is making the rounds.  I’ll focus on those who play scientists and engineers in the films.  Simon Pegg, who plays Engineer Scott, will be on Late Night tonight (Monday) and was on The View earlier today.  Zachary Quinto, who plays Science Office Spock, is on The Late Late Show tonight the Chelsea episode that drops on Netflix Thursday, and The Talk on Friday.  Quinto will be joined by several of his fellow cast on The Talk, including Karl Urban, who portrays Doctor McCoy.

While The Late Show will be focused on the conventions, airing live (at least in the East) this week and next, there is one guest this week of relevance.  Ron Suskind, a father of an autistic child, will be on Monday (tonight) to promote a film that chronicles his son’s experience with autism and how he and his family figured out how to communicate with each other.

Mr. Robot, a television show focused on hacking culture, including some activist hackers, recently started its second season on the USA network.  Lead actor Rami Malek will be on Late Night on Tuesday to talk about the program.

Conan is broadcasting from Comic Con in San Diego this week.  The show will air repeats Monday and Tuesday (shows from last year’s Comic Con), and new episodes on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  The show most relevant for this list is on Wednesday, when cast members from Silicon Valley panel with Conan O’Brien.

Finally, a couple of bits from last week’s programs that touched on science and technology.  Revisiting a bit from earlier in the year, Seth Meyers presented a music group to perform a rap on the four states of water (yes, they found a new one).  Like its predecessor, the video is NSFW, but you do learn about the new state of water.

On last Thursday’s edition of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert expresses concern over funky business involving a NASA video stream.

Come back next Monday for more convention-influenced schedule madness.


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