Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of July 11

This week should be the last of the July 4th-related repeats (though in the case of the Comedy Central programs, they are off this week for The Daily Show to prepare for the political conventions).  Of this week’s repeats, The Daily Show provides second chances to catch recent appearances by Laverne Cox (Monday) and Chuck Klosterman (Wednesday).

USA Network program Mr. Robot returns for season 2 this week.  Computer hacking pervades the show, and two of its stars are promoting the show this week on The Tonight Show.  Christian Slater will be on Tuesday’s program, and Rami Malek will be on Wednesday.  You can also catch Malek on this Wednesday’s edition of Live With Kelly.

Other science and technology guests are scarce this week, and that might last through the end of July, with the political conventions being top of mind for many shows.  There may be something to add if the Friday edition of The Late Show is a new episode (no guests have been announced as yet).

Last week’s successful orbit of the Juno mission received some mention in late night.  It was part of the July 6th monologue on Conan, and was part of a segment on the July 5th edition of The Daily Show.  The recent hack of the NASA Kepler mission’s Twitter account (likely NSFW) made the top of the @midnight program on July 6.


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