Lab Sabotage For Fun And Games

Back in January I posted about Lab Wars, a game then in the development stages from two U.K. scientists.  The game (set for 2-4 people ages 12 and up, with gameplay of 30-60 minutes) has players building up their own labs and reputations while sabotaging their…colleagues(?).  Some of these sabotages are based on actual events, and if your version of the game includes the “Legends of Science” expansion pack, you will have the chance to play with famous scientists and their lab equipment.

The game is currently in the last hours of a quite successful Kickstarter campaign.  It would be an excellent opportunity to pick up a copy of the game, in whichever version you prefer (there are 3 versions still available).  Take a look at the game being played.

The Kickstarter will end at midnight Eastern time on Wednesday.  Copies of the game are expected to be delivered to Kickstarter backers in early 2017, and perhaps find their way to game store shelves by this time next year.  Perhaps pair it with a cooperative game like Pandemic to smooth over any ruffled feathers due to sabotage.


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