Science Rap Academy Doesn’t Want You To Wear Sunglasses At Night

The June session of the Nueva School’s Science Rap Academy issued its final video yesterday.  Returning to Justin Bieber for musical inspiration, “Starry” tackles the challenge of light pollution.

Light pollution is a big deal.  The Milky Way (seen in stock footage at 1:13, 2:20 and 2:41 in the video) is just an abstraction for a wide swath of North America, where as many as 80 percent of people in the continent cannot see it in the night sky.

Another kind of light pollution is hinted at the in the beginning when the main characters are looking at their screens before the lyric “that this bright light is harming biology.”  While most of the video focuses on looking up, I’d be surprised if the students involved in this video weren’t aware of the work being done assessing how the light from computers and other electronic devices may be affecting our health.

The next releases from the Science Rap Academy will have to wait for the next academic year.  As for what its advisor, Tom McFadden, might do in the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see.