Cancer Moonshot Summit Backdrop For Several Administration Announcements

Today was the Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, D.C.  Vice President Biden hosted that event, while there were roughly 270 similar events across the country, with approximately 6,000 participants engaged with cancer in some capacity.  The Cancer Moonshot page on Medium has plenty of stories about the various commitments made and efforts in progress to make it easier to share knowledge and questions about cancer.

The White House has released a fact sheet in connection with the Summit summarizing these and other commitments made by public and private sector entities.  I want to highlight some of the government commitments, particularly those I think could be used in other fields.  They include:

  • The National Cancer Institute is developing an API (application programming interface) for clinical trial data hosted on  This would make it easier for other parties to access, analyze, and re-use this data for a host of different applications.
  • Several cross-agency agreements to utilize the supercomputing resources of the Department of Energy to speed up various research efforts.
  • Efforts at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the Food and Drug Administration to reduce the time required for various regulatory review and other administrative processes.

Of particular note is something the Vice President said concerning clinical trials.  With several institutions failing to report (in a timely fashion, or at all) clinical trial data, the Vice President expressed an interest in following through on the legal penalties for not complying with the law.  National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins indicated that a final rule was expected soon that should provide additional authority to the agency to crack down on those failing to comply.

More information on the Summit should emerge over the next few days, as information comes in from the other events across the nation.



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