Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 27

The Independence Day holiday is next week in the United States.  So some shows have opted to start their holiday this week, and no doubt some shows that take off next week will be gone for two weeks.  Of the repeats airing this week, just one might fit the bill.  You can see Morgan Freeman, who hosts Through The Wormhole on the Science Channel, in his latest appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers this Tuesday.  The segment might focus on his recent movie, Now You See Me 2, rather than his more scientifically inclined efforts.

There’s perhaps just one new guest this week that fits the bill.  Author Chuck Klosterman is on The Daily Show Thursday.  His latest book, But What If We’re Wrong? questions a number of things we accept as true today.  These things include the nature of time and gravity, and Neil deGrasse Tyson is interviewed in the book.

Speaking of Dr. Tyson, he appeared on The Late Show on June 22nd.  I missed his booking in my June 20th post.  Tyson talked moon with Colbert, and there are two segments of the interview available online.  In that same show Colbert discussed for the second time a recent study that discovered a new mating position for frogs.  The piece is really there to make a point about certain kinds of television network content restrictions (as was its predecessor), but I mention it here because Colbert drags an upper-tier scientific journal into it.  All terms mentioned in the segment are clinical, but since the piece deals with sex, it may not be safe for viewing in your workplace.

Finally, The Daily Show had a segment in its June 22nd show on the Army Corps of Engineers, and the inefficiencies (or political favor exchanges, depending on your perspective), by which its projects are planned and executed.

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