Why There May Never Be An East Coast/West Coast Science Rap War

Regular readers will know that Tom McFadden does his own science music videos outside of Science With Tom and Science Rap Academy.  He released a couple in May, before the ltest session of the Academy.  One reworks a recent single from Adele into “Wanna Know More,” which includes Stanford geneticist Alex Dainis.  He also convened a passle of scientists, engineers, educators and other enthusiasts for what could be a good mission statement for science, “Everybody’s Got Questions (Yup)” (reworked from E-40’s “Choices”).

Don’t worry, McFadden has put names to the faces, because you’re not likely to know everyone.  I certainly didn’t.  I did recognize Bill Nye and Emily Lakdawalla from The Planetary Society; Rap Guide(s) creator Baba Brinkman, science video mavens Michael Wilson (aka Coma Niddy, now on the West Coast), Hank Green, Joe Hanson, and Tim Blais (A Capella Science); Science News presenters Trace Dominguez and Amy Shira Teitel, and Science Genius developer and educator Chris Emdin.  Take some time to learn more about these people, you’ll likely learn something about science as you do.

Both of these videos are part of the Google Making & Science initiative, which includes a YouTube channel of the same name, and the Science Journal app.  The app looks to be a combination lab notebook and sensor(s), which may facilitate future entries into the Google Science Fair.  Love that Google synergy, though I hope there will be more coming than what was released when the initiative debuted last month.