Science Goes To The Movies Opts For Real Disasters Over The Movies

It was first broadcast about 10 days ago, but the latest episode of Science Goes to the Movies uses the new film Independence Day:Resurgence (which premieres this weekend in the United States) to talk about what could be a more realistic version of the climate change disaster film The Day After Tomorrow.  (Yes, I know that’s a low bar.)

The guest is Bill Nye, The Science Guy and as he describes during the course of the episode, he effectively done the background research for such a disaster film for a series he did (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) on the National Geographic Channel.  While the discussion over climate change covers ground that I’m familiar with, the conversation kept my interest when hosts Faith Salie and Dr. Heather Berlin talked about how convincing people to act in a potentially apocalyptic scenario might required navigating the five stages of grief.

While I’ve been happy to travel with the show this season as it often broke away from covering the specific films its uses to frame the discussion, I was disappointed that the topic of disaster films didn’t get more attention.  Thankfully there’s at least this web extra on the appeal of disaster films (something which is lost on me).

The show is currently broadcasting repeats of its second season each weekend, though you can watch every episode of both seasons online.  Should there be a third season (and I think the chances are good), you can expect to read about it here.


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