Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of June 20

This week I’ll start with an international entry.  On tonight’s (Monday’s) episode of Top Gear (which premiered Sunday night in the UK), one of the stars driving a rallycross car is noted scientist on television Brian Cox.  The current series of the show has two celebrities race each other, and the two have a group interview with host Chris Evans.  Cox appears with survivalist Bear Grylls, so arguably both guests have a background in some aspect of science.

While the HBO series about tech startups, Silicon Valley, has its season finale this Sunday, only one member of the cast is out promoting it this week.  Tonight Kumail Nanjiani returns to visit with Conan O’Brien.

And the rest of the week looks empty.  The movies coming out this week aren’t focused on science or technology, at least any that has a strong connection to reality.  I will then point out content from last week that is worth catching again.  On June 14th, Stephen Colbert tackled the issue of net neutrality by talking with one of the people that helped define it, Columbia Professor Tim Wu.  They had their conversation on a roller coaster, for reasons Colbert explains in the segment.

On the 16th, The Daily Show took a segment to discuss several animal stories specific to Australia.