Science and Technoloy Guests on Late Night, Week of June 13

Today nearly all the shows are back from their Memorial Day breaks, and at least some of them will make some mention of the massacre in Orlando.

There was one item from last week worth pointing out.  During comedian Marc Maron’s appearance on the June 8th edition of Conan, he talked about infrastructure.  He had some valid policy points and he was funny doing it.

Today (Monday) Morris Chestnut, who plays a pathologist on Rosewood, co-hosted with Kelly Ripa on her morning show.  Tonight Silicon Valley star Thomas Middleditch returns to Conan.  Author Malcolm Gladwell, who has written several books on scientific topics, visits The Nightly Show on Tuesday.  He’s promoting a new history podcast, which may or may not have episodes focused on science and technology.

So while nearly everyone is back, the offerings are thin.