Scratch That Coding Itch With Some Superheroes

The latest episode of the new Powerpuff Girls series premiered earlier today (Thursday).  Titled “Viral Spiral,” the plot revolves around villains seeking to destroy the Internet.  The Girls fight them, with Bubbles leading the charge thanks to her coding skills.

While the episode doesn’t get into the mechanics of coding, the show is working with the MIT Media Lab to promote it through the use of the Scratch programming language.  The Make It Fly project encourages kids to make their own versions of an animation sequence.  But kids are not limited to animation with Scratch, and should be able to construct other kinds of programs.

It’s not the first time that Cartoon Network has used one of its programs to promote coding, that was We Bare Bears.  But The Powerpuff Girls is a program with more history, and some of the people that watched the first iteration of the program just might have kids just the right age to take advantage of this initiative.

And it’s possible that Bubbles’ coding skills may come up in future episodes.


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