Late Night Science and Technology Guests Addendum – Now On Netflix

Two items that should have been included with the regular Monday post.

First, one of my readers (thank you very much) pointed me to the May 26th edition of The Tonight Show, with model Karlie Kloss as one of the guests.  While likely best known as a model, Kloss has, among other things, learned to code and established a coding camp for girls from 13-18 years old.  There are three camps scheduled for 2016 (Los Angeles, New York and St. Louis) and Kloss discusses them in this (abbreviated) clip from the show.  (Apparently it is available only on the NBC website, and not on the show’s YouTube page.  I don’t think that makes any sense.)  Kloss has scholarships available for women seeking more extensive coding instruction.

The other item has to do with a new late night entry.  Chelsea Handler has returned to the format, with a thrice-weekly program airing on the streaming service Netflix.  The show, called Chelsea, premiered last month, and Bill Nye the Science Guy was a guest on the episode that premiered June 2.  Unlike Last Week Tonight (another program viewable on a subscription service), there do not appear to be segments from Chelsea available online.



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