Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of May 30

Today is the Memorial Day holiday in the United States.  While meteorologists and astronomers disagree, it marks the start of summer for many.  It also means that the late night programs are taking time off.  In nearly every case that means repeats all week.

The noted exception is Jimmy Kimmel, who has new programs on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday Kimmel talks with Silicon Valley actor Thomas Middleditch.  That same day, one of Middleditch’s co-stars, T.J. Miller, will be on with Ellen DeGeneres.

Another repeat is tonight’s (Monday’s) edition of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.  It’s a repeat of last week’s episode, which included a segment on vaping/electronic cigarettes.  I bring this up because in part of the piece the issue of regulation comes up, and the show notes that the market is currently split among many small companies, and regulation could have the consequence (possibly unintended) of forcing them out in favor of traditional tobacco companies.  If you can’t wait, the segment is available online.

Here’s the breakdown by day of repeats with science and/or technology guests worth catching again.

Tonight/MondayFull Frontal (as noted above)
Tuesday – Kunal Nayyar (plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory) on The Late Late Show
Morris Chestnut (plays a pathologist on Rosewood) on The Late Show
Wednesday – Sebastian Stan and Stephen Colbert talk space on The Late Show
The cast of The Big Bang Theory are featured on Conan
Friday – Mark Feuerstein (plays the lead doctor on Royal Pains) on The Late Show

Now for the stuff I missed last week.  Foremost is that Brian Greene was on The Late Show May 25 to talk supernova, promote the World Science Festival, and use the big space of The Ed Sullivan Theater for a demonstration.

That same night The Daily Show mentioned the Zika virus in a larger piece about the challenges facing Brazil.  It also touched on Secretary Clinton’s fondness for UFOs in a piece about the two major candidates penchant for conspiracy theories.

On May 26, Stephen mentioned a couple of science and technology topics in his Late Show comedy pieces.  He mentioned the very old school computers that run the U.S. nuclear arsenal in his monologue, and a talking salmon returned to discuss how farm-raised salmon aren’t the happiest salmon.  That wasn’t the only talking non-human in the show, as there was a brief attempt at comedy involving singer Neil Young and a talking ear of corn.  It was prompted by Young’s antipathy to genetically modified foods.

Things should return to normal next week, though the Comedy Central programs will be pre-empted.


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