Vice President Soliciting Public For Help Shooting The Cancer Moon

This week the Vice President announced the opening of a White House website for people to share their ideas and stories concerning cancer.  As part of the Cancer Moonshot effort, this public outreach would help put faces to various forms of cancer and try and connect public ideas with researchers and their work.

The White House site joins two other main sites connected to the effort.  If people have cancer research ideas, they can go to Cancer Research Ideas (the White House website will send them there as well).  There is also a Cancer Moonshot page on Medium, a platform that the Administration has used for other projects as well.  This collection of stories and articles functions as a high-level archive for the Moonshot project.  If you’re looking for more research-focused coverage, consult the National Cancer Institute’s page for this project.

Besides research ideas, the Vice President is interested in hearing general suggestions for the Moonshot, as well as the kinds of things people are doing to accelerate developments in cancer research.  No deadlines are stated, but since the Vice President is leaving office in January, there’s not reason to dawdle.

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