Tune In For The Whales, Stay For The Cousteau

The sixth episode of the second season of Science Goes to the Movies is online, and ostensibly focuses on In The Heart of the Sea.  This is the 2015 film based on the non-fiction book of the same name that follows the whaling ship Essex and her crew.

Joining hosts Faith Salie and Dr. Heather Berlin is Fabien Cousteau.  Cousteau is an ocean explorer and filmmaker, son of Jean-Michel (who readers might remember from his visits on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson) and grandson of Jacques Cousteau.

The first few minutes discuss whales and whaling, but the bulk of the episode dives into (pun very much intended) Cousteau’s work and that of his grandfather, who was a critical person in developing the first self-contained diving technology.  Fabien has spent a lot of time expanding his grandfather’s work in seafloor stations, advancing the ability to conduct long-term underwater exploration and research.  Talk transitioned to the current state of the oceans and ocean life in particular.  Personally I found this all quite fascinating, and I’m happy to have the chance to learn more about the third generation of Cousteaus.

The next episode of Science Goes to the Movies premiered this weekend.  It focuses on Inside Out, last year’s Pixar film that spends most of its time inside a child’s brain.  Lewis Black, who plays Anger in the film, joins the show to discuss the film and the science behind comedy.


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