STEM Is On The Fastrack

On the Fastrack is a long running comic strip set at a modern day business.  Many of the characters featured in the strip are technologically inclined, but technology is not as explicit of a theme in the strip as it is in say, Foxtrot or Dilbert.

Starting with Saturday’s strip (April 23) the comic is running a storyline around STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  Fistula Breech has been asked to make a presentation on STEM to encourage girls to take math and science classes.  But Fi is far from a people person and is getting help from Dethany, a co-worker, on the presentation.

I’m not sure how long the storyline will go (as often happens, the Sunday strip is separate from the weekday story), and cannot find any indication that the storyline has been done in partnership with an organization seeking to promote STEM or STEM education.  Regardless, On the Fastrack isn’t the first, and likely won’t be the last comic strip I’ve seen tackle a science and/or technology story on the funny pages.


One thought on “STEM Is On The Fastrack

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