Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 25

While no shows are on repeats this week, the schedule is light on science and technology-themed guests.

Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley will be on The Late Late Show tonight (Monday).  And that’s it.

The science and technology content worth noting from last week is a bit repetitive.  A story about intelligent mattresses was featured on both The Daily Show (April 18) and @midnight (For The Win game on April 19).  Sarah Palin’s claim that she’s as much of a scientist at Bill Nye was mentioned on The Nightly Show (where Nye has appeared repeatedly) April 18.  On April 20 @midnight took a shot at this as well (segment is NSFW).

Given the light week, I’ll go ahead and mention that America’s Greatest Makers continues on TBS, Tuesdays at 9:30.  This week marks the second of five episodes where three of the 15 teams still in the competition improve their products and go before the judges once again.  At the end of this run, there will be five finalists remaining for the $1,000,000 top prize.  I would also expect the final episodes to expand back to an hour in length, sometime in May.

While you’re mileage may vary, I find the program more focused on the technology underlying the products than a comparable program such as Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den.  Those programs are more about the people funding projects than the makers creating them.  (A similar program on The Science Channel, All-American Makers, is more technology focused, in part because testing the products is an integral part of the show.)


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