UK Government Creates Position Of National Technology Adviser

Liam Maxwell, until recently the Chief Technology Officer for the U.K. government, has been named to the newly created post of National Technology Adviser.  Maxwell has served as CTO since 2012, and was also the first person to serve in that position.  Prior to his service for the national government, Maxwell performed similar information technology functions for local governments

It’s important to note that the role of the U.K. CTO is not the same as that for the U.S. CTO  (though I think both countries are still figuring out a lot about positions like these).  The U.K. position is focused more on the procurement, management and implementation of information technology in government.  The new position of National Technology Adviser appears to have a strong emphasis on the digital economy.  The announcement of the new position suggests that Maxwell will do more to promote the U.K. as a place to do business involving digital services.  He will be working with the U.K. digital sector as well as continuing to improve the digital provision of government services to U.K. citizens.

I think that this integration of business promotion and service improvement is distinct from any comparable U.S. position.  So while the U.K. National Technology Adviser is probably closer in job description to the U.S. CTO, than the U.K. CTO is, it still defies an easy parallel.

Congratulations to Mr. Maxwell.


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