Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of April 18

The week is heavy on repeats, with The Tonight Show, Conan and Late Night all off.  Of the repeats, one worth catching is Conan tonight (Monday).  Mike Schultz was on in January discussing the prosthetic he developed for athletes needed a heavy-duty prostheses for the kind of activities an X Games competitor might go through.

A new season of Silicon Valley will premiere April 24 in the United States.  The program is a fictional series tracking the trials of tech entrepreneurs in the titular valley.  Some of the show’s cast will be promoting the show on programs this week.  Thomas Middleditch will be on The Late Show Tuesday, Kumail Nanjiani will sit with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday, and Alice Wetterlund will compete on @midnight Thursday.

Let’s go to things worth catching up on from the past week.  First comes Last Week Tonight from this past Sunday (yesterday) (Last Week Tonight is often NSFW).  The show spent much of its time on lead in water supplies, with the help of some special guests.  Much like its Comedy Central cousins have, the program noted how Flint, Michigan is hardly an isolated instance of this problem.  But, because it can, Last Week Tonight dug into the history of why lead persisted in the U.S. long past the point other countries banned it.

Speaking of the Comedy Central programs, @midnight featured robot waiters during it’s April 11 episode, and The Nightly Show took a segment to let host Larry Wilmore get his blerd on over the Starshot proposal to travel to Alpha Centauri and vent about an apparent lack of interest in space exploration.  And The Daily Show had two tech-themed pieces on its April 11 show, one about a virtual reality sex suit (NSFW) and the other concerning the Transportation Security Administration spending a lot of money for a too-fancy random arrow generator app.

Finally, I’ll note that the TBS synergy is strong, as at least once during Conan last week the show mentioned another TBS program, America’s Greatest Makers, during the program (not a commercial run during the breaks).  While Conan is off this week, America’s Greatest Makers continues, with the next few episodes featuring the teams that passed their first pitch improve their projects to try and move on in the competition.  The program airs Tuesdays at 9 pm on TBS, and is also available online.


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