Science and Technology Guest on Late Night, Week of April 11

I’ll lead off this week’s schedule by noting that President Obama will host the DNews segments on the Science Channel all week.  These are short news stories that air before the 9 pm Eastern programs (and usually again at midnight/9 pm in the Pacific Time Zone).  The spots are happening the same week as the last White House Science Fair (at least of the Obama Administration) and the 4th USA Science and Engineering Festival Expo.  Both are taking place in Washington, D.C., with the Science Fair on Wednesday and the Festival this weekend.

The CBS programs (The Late Show and The Late Late Show) are in repeats this week, along with Last Call.  The scheduled repeats are all from the last two months, and no science or technology guests are part of them.

A repeat of note this week is the Wednesday edition of Conan.  It is a repeat of his Korea special, which premiered on Saturday (probably due to the scheduled release of a Korean music video featuring Conan O’Brien).  There are some mentions of technology during the show, most explicitly when Conan visits a gaming center (called a PC Bang) for a variation on his recurring segments on video games.

Regrettably, the week’s offerings are free of science and technology guests.  The best I can do is to note that animal expert Jack Hanna is on the Thursday repeat of The Late Late Show, and that Bassem Youssef, an Egyptian satirist appearing on The Nightly Show on Thursday, was a cardiac surgeon.

Two items from last week with science and technology content of note.  On the April 5th edition of The Nightly Show (where Bill Nye also appeared on the panel), there was a piece noting that the White House was finally modernizing its phone system.  @midnight opened its April 7th show with a quick bit about rumors that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has plans to develop its own city.



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