Late To The Party: Remote Notarizing Is Now A Thing

Back in the dim ages, otherwise known as the 20th century, I was a notary public.  It came in very handy at the law firm I worked at, where notarized documents were pretty common.  I would need to confirm the identity of the party or parties signing the document, and notarize it accordingly.

Today I learned (courtesy of Carl Malamud) you no longer need to be in the same room with the notary to have a document notarized.  The Commonwealth of Virginia passed legislation in 2011 allowing for properly certified notaries to notarize documents via a video call.  The Full Faith and Credit Clause of the Constitution along with relevant state laws will allow for the recognition of a document legally notarized remotely.

While not likely as pleasant a thing to do as getting married via video call, there’s one more thing you can do without leaving the house.  Yay?


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