Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of March 28

This week it’s the Comedy Central programs in repeats, so the offerings are as slim as you might expect.  In repeats of note, Thomas Middleditch’s recent appearance on Late Night will be rebroadcast on Friday.  He’s one of the people playing tech startup workers on Silicon Valley, but he was promoting his recent comedy movie The Bronze.

There was a guest from last week’s programs I should have noted.  The Estonian Prime Minister, Taavi Raivas, was on The Daily Show on March 22, and the interview focused on how much the Estonian government has been able to do for its citizens online.  An extended version of the interview is available online.

On Tuesday Kunal Nayyar will appear on The Late Late Show.  He plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory, but is also part of the cast of Consumed, a thriller involving GMOs that recently attracted some attention online.  I don’t know if Consumed has a high enough profile for host James Corden to talk about it with Nayyar, but I can’t rule out the possibility.  On Thursday Tatiana Maslany will be on The Late Show, talking about the new season of Orphan Black.  She plays a number of clones on the program, which starts its fourth season in the U.S. next month.

Finally, some additional items from last week to mention.  On March 21 The Daily Show had a Today’s Future Now segment on artificial intelligence, focusing on the AlphaGo program.  On the 22nd, @midnight made fun of the trouble programs like Siri have with medical advice.  On March 24 both The Daily Show and @midnight dealt with the AI chatbot Tay, which Microsoft released and shut down within days.  It happened so quickly that @midnight had to insert a disclaimer because the bot had turned bad between the time the segment was taped and initially broadcast.


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