Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of March 21

This week the CBS programs are in repeats.  Notable among all repeats this week, MythBuster Adam Savage’s recent appearance on The Late Show will be broadcast again this Friday.

The new shows this week are relatively thin where science and technology guests are concerned.  Melissa Rauch will be on with Conan O’Brien Wednesday night.  She plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory, but is likely to focus on her new movie, The Bronze during this visit.

I will note that both Melissa Rauch and her co-star in the film, Thomas Middleditch (who stars on Silicon Valley) were promoting The Bronze last Thursday the 17th.  I should have mentioned their appearances – Rauch on The Late Show and Middleditch on Late Night.

Politics and science collided in some late night segments last week.  Both Samantha Bee (March 14) and The Daily Show (March 15) commented on how badly Secretary Clinton mangled the history of President and Nancy Reagan and AIDS in comments made around the time of Mrs. Reagan’s funeral.  On the March 14 edition of The Late Show, John Oliver discussed his recent coverage of the fight over encryption between Apple and the U.S. government.  Regrettably The Late Show has not made video available of that conversation, but you can watch Oliver’s piece from Last Week Tonight via the show’s YouTube channel.

Finally, on March 16 Stephen Colbert reminded us how much he loves space with this segment about NASA’s recently announced Mars mission requirements.


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