National Maker Faire Returning In June

Today the White House announced that the second National Maker Faire will take place on June 18 and 19 as part of the National Week of Making (June 17-23).

The White House held a Maker Faire in 2014, and expanded it to a Week of Making and the National Maker Faire in 2015.  This year’s event will also be held at the University of the District of Columbia and feature participation from several federal agencies.  As the producer of Maker Faires, Maker Media is involved again this year.

The White House is encouraging people to submit their maker stories, and to host events during the Week of Making.  If interested in sharing your stories or otherwise supporting the effort, please contact the White House by May 30th.

In related news, the Education Department announced a new competition today to support creating more maker spaces in high schools.  The idea here is that such spaces would help boost interest and participation in career and technical education.  Put another way (and one that Mike Rowe might get behind), it’s updating various shop classes to include new skills needed in the 21st century and to get more people in the room.  It’s a multi-stage competition that will recognize the winners at the World Maker Faire in October.  The deadline for the first phase of the competition is April 1.


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