Science Goes To The Movies Talks Zombies, Goes Weekly Into Season Two

The 13th episode of Science Goes to the Movies is now available online, and showing some restraint, the show waited until the end of its first season to deal with zombies.

Co-hosts Dr. Heather Berlin and Faith Salie are joined by Dr. Mark Siddall, a curator at the American Museum of Natural History and President of the American Society of Parasitologists.  While some could be excused for thinking zombies have been around since George Romero’s first zombie film in 1968, the creatures have a place in culture, not just pop culture.  The conversation includes the zombie in voodoo culture, as well as the existing viruses and parasites that can function in ways very similar to zombies.

In other show news, the second season will premiere on CUNY TV March 18th.  It will focus on nanotechnology.  If the release dates for the first three episodes of the new season are any indication, the show will be airing weekly rather than monthly.  I still cannot find any confirmation of what I’ve been hearing on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, that the show is coming to PBS.  But more frequent episodes, regardless of where, is a good thing.  As they become available online, I’ll post about them here.


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