Satellites Aren’t The Only Thing 21st Century About Archaeology

A lot of attention has been paid of late to the work of Sarah Parcak and her colleagues at the Laboratory for Global Observation in space archaeology – imaging potential dig sites from orbiting satellites.  But new technology is changing what archaeologists are doing in other ways.

One of them was highlighted in this article on The Atlantic’s website (while also noting Parcak’s work).  Digital data collection has allowed archaeologists to not only digitize their existing collections but to be more expansive in what and how they can collect when digging.  As the amount of information collected grows dramatically, connecting the different databases and enabling the information in each collection to be effectively shared is critical to making sure all of this additional knowledge is accessible and usable.

Of course, growing (and growing numbers of) data sets are challenging how libraries deal with information moving forward.  And that’s regardless of the field you’re interested in.


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