Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of February 29

First I’ll note a guest I missed from last week.  Dr. David Agus, an oncologist who has a new book out about health, was on with Seth Meyers on February 24th.  That episode of Late Night will re-air on Friday.

Morris Chestnut plays a pathologist in the Fox television show Rosewood.  It returns this week, and Chestnut is making the rounds.  He’ll be on The Daily Show tonight (Monday), and The Wendy Williams Show and Late Night on Tuesday.

Tuesday is the big day of this week for late night.  Adam Savage will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  The last episodes of MythBusters air in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel (Saturday) and the Science Channel (Sunday).  Dr. Jennifer Berman will appear on Conan.  Her focus is on sexual health, so expect Conan to make a hash of it in the name of laughs and Irish guilt.  And in a rare appearance of The Tonight Show on these pages, Kevin Delaney from the Little Rock Museum of Discovery will visit on Tuesday, likely with demonstrations.  Because the night is already full, why not overstuff things by mentioning that Malcolm Gladwell, whose writings often engage science, will be on the panel for The Nightly Show.

Even though I had a rare mid-week post on late night content, there is still material from last week that you may have missed.  It didn’t make his appearance on The Nightly Show on February 24th, but Bill Nye posted this freestyle rap that makes more sense if you watched his segment with Larry Wilmore.  That show also covered the fight between Apple and the federal government over its newest encryption of iPhones with a desk segment from Larry and a panel discussion.  Making that episode a fully science-infused episode, the program had a short segment on how The Martian might have been different with a black astronaut.

The other Comedy Central programs also had science content on the 24th.  Both The Daily Show and @midnight dealt with the latest test video from Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot.  And The Daily Show took a turn with Apple and the federal government in two segments on its February 25th program.

I’ll close with this offering from the statistics obsessive site FiveThirtyEight.  To note the 100th episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert the website compared the guests booked on that show with the other two late night programs in the same time slot (The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live!).  Surprising no one who’s been reading this blog, scientists and technically oriented guests were booked to sit with Colbert much more often than with Jimmys Fallon or Kimmel.  And it pleases me more than it should that Colbert has had no animal trainers on, at least as FiveThirtyEight defines them.


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