Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of February 8

Before discussing the coming week, a brief mention of the rare Sunday night appearance of a weeknight talk show.  Both CBS late night programs aired following the Super Bowl, and in the beginning of The Late Show, you can see astronaut Scott Kelly and host Stephen Colbert tossing the football.

In repeat news, you can catch Rami Malek’s recent appearance with James Corden this Friday.  Malek is the lead in Mr. Robot, a hacker series on USA Network.

In new appearances this week, Mayim Bialik is doing double duty, presumably in connection with her role as a neurobiologist on The Big Bang Theory.  Tonight (Monday) she appears with James Corden, and on Wednesday night she is on Last Call with Carson Daly.

In last week’s non-guest related science and technology content, the usual suspects appeared.  Besides the astronaut in the post-Super Bowl show, The Late Show revisited the notion of Spider-Man’s scientific possibility on Friday night.  In response to an earlier segment where Stephen Colbert bemoaned Cambridge scientists asserting that no person could climb like Spider-Man is supposed to, Stanford scientists reached out to Colbert to offer a different perspective.

That same night Neil deGrasse Tyson returned to discuss the results of his Friday Night Fights segment from January 22nd.

Over at Comedy Central, The Daily Show and The Nightly Show handled science topics on February 1st.  The Nightly Show continued its coverage of the water contamination disaster in Flint, Michigan, while The Daily Show looked at the Zika outbreak in the Americas.


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