Brinkman Seeks Crowdfunds For Climate Chaos Album

In advance of the off-Broadway debut of The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, Baba Brinkman has started a crowdfunding campaign for the album of the same title.  Regular readers of the blog will know that this is old territory for Brinkman, both a show and an album tackling a scientific topic through hip-hop.

Funds contributed to the project will help pay expenses for album production aside from the vocals.  They have been in the works for a while, as demonstrated by this video Brinkman released last month.

If you can make it to New York during the run of The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos, I suggest you contribute as one of the perks available is tickets to the show at a notable discount.  I attended the Rap Guide to Evolution at the same theater back in 2011, and I can assure you that there are no bad seats.  It can be the start of a lovely evening.

The campaign runs another four weeks, so please contribute or at least spread the word.  Where else are you going to find an interpretation of a Papal encyclical from a non-theist?


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