Video Update – New Science Rap Academy Video, Slingshot On DVD

Yesterday Tom McFadden released the latest effort from this year’s Science Rap Academy.  Titled “Wild-Type Genes” the video reworks Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”

Slingshot, a documentary about Dean Kamen and the development of the water purification device of the same name, is now available on DVD (there are two versions also available for classroom use), through iTunes, and on the streaming service Netflix.

While there is mention on the Slingshot Facebook page of the recent debacle involving the water in Flint, Michigan, there is no word yet on whether the Slingshot is up to the challenge of handling the amount of lead contamination.  The device works on vapor compression evaporation to distill pure water.  This technique should be able to remove lead, but I can’t be sure whether or not the contamination in Flint is too much for the technology.  In at least some locations it has exceeded 150 parts per billion, which exceeds the capabilities of the filters provided to the population.

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