Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 25

12:51 a.m., January 26 – Tuesday on The Late Show, Stephen Colbert will visit with Michael Novacek, Senior Vice President, Provost of Science and Curator of the Paleontology Division at the American Museum of Natural History.

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This week’s listings for the New York City based shows are incomplete.  This may be connected to the weekend snowstorm that has wreaked havoc on the transportation system (among other things).  If the current listings are accurate, both Late Night and The Late Show will run some repeats at the end of the week.  That may change, and if there are science and technology guests of note in those changes, I’ll list them on Twitter and her at the blog.

The Late Show came strong last week with some unannounced science and technology content.  I missed noting the appearance on January 21 of Christian Slater (who plays a computer hacker on Mr. Robot), but host Stephen Colbert also had a segment early in the show on, among other things, endocrine disruptors and the physical impossibility of Spider-Man being able to do what he can in the comics.

Colbert ended the week with the second installment of Friday Night Fights, where he and a guest debate ridiculous fights and let the Internet decide the winners.  Neil deGrasse Tyson was the guest fighter.  Tyson comes in after the recap of the previous week’s fights at roughly 4:30.  And yes, there was some discussion of the planet recently inferred to be orbiting the solar system very, very far away.

The fights are not that scientific, but that doesn’t stop Tyson from dropping the knowledge.

Also of note from last week is another segment from The Nightly Show on the water problems in Flint, Michigan.  It’s the show’s second segment on the problem (here’s the first) and may not be its last.  As the story continues, The Daily Show may do more extended coverage as well.

Some programs are in repeats this week, but none appear to be worth (re)noting here.  In new programs we have two appearances (Wednesday and Friday) on The Talk of the show’s technology correspondent, Chi-Lan Lieu.  Former Secretary of Defense (among other things) Donald Rumsfeld is making the rounds this week, but it appears to be due to his involvement with a game app for a particular version of solitaire.  He’ll be on The Late Show tonight and The View on Wednesday.  But I have my doubts the conversation will focus on the app.