Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 18

After last week’s abundance we have a drought.  Absent some last-minute guest changes and/or some non-publicized science and technology content, tonight (Monday) is the night that matters.

Adam Savage will be on @midnight tonight (Monday).  The final season of MythBusters continues on both the Discovery and Science channels in the U.S., with new episodes premiering on Saturdays for the Discovery Channel, and again on Wednesday for the Science Channel.  While the late night programs can cover adult themes, it’s much more likely to happen on @midnight, so consider yourself cautioned.

That’s it for new stuff this week.  A repeat of note is Gillian Anderson’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  That will take place this Friday.  Anderson plays a scientist on The X-Files, which returns to television this Sunday in the U.S.

I should have noted the January 12 appearance of Mike Schultz on Conan.  He is an athlete in the X Games, but is worth mentioning here for developing his own prosthetic knee and lower leg for competition purposes.  The leg has also been used for veterans in need of prostheses.  The interview is available in two parts.

The Daily Show spent a fair amount of time on environmental issues in its January 14th program, both the water troubles in Flint and the methane leak in California.

Since the week is light, I’ll leave you with the interview Stephen Colbert conducted this past Friday with astronaut Scott Kelly, who is still on the International Space Station.  Do pay attention to the graphics during the conversation (and not to the name of the video).


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