Science Goes To The Movies Gets Inside An Athlete’s Head

The 12th episode of Science Goes To The Movies went online over the weekend.  The material for this episode focused on teamwork and the psychology of competitive sports.  The HBO television series Ballers and the 2015 film Everest were the works selected, though the conversation might well have taken place if the show focused on the recent film Concussion.  As the series does tape several weeks in advance, that film may pop up for later conversation.  (Though for a show that spends many episodes on psychology and related neurological processes, I’m surprised it has yet to tackle the Pixar film Inside Out.)

Co-hosts Heather Berlin and Faith Salie were joined by former NFL linebacker Carl Banks.  Banks spent most of his 12 season professional career with the New York Giants and is currently an analyst for the team’s radio broadcasts.  Knowing that you might not be surprised that the conversation focused primarily on Ballers, the issues that show brings up about adjusting to life after professional sports, and what factors – not just traumatic head injury – that might influence someone to take their life.  I’d hope that Banks could come back should the show dive into the issues raised by Concussion, as he proves him self an excellent guest.  While providing great information about his playing experience, he was very good in asking questions and articulating concerns about other factors that could contribute to suicide.  If Mr. Banks is unavailable, I’d recommend the show reach out to Dominique Foxworth, a former player who wrote about his experience watching the film