Science With Tom Gets Down With The Flies

Tom McFadden released the fourth episode of Science With Tom earlier this week.  The focus is on reproductive behavior, and the featured scientist is Sama Ahmed, a neuroscientist who works with fruit flies (Drosophilia) analyzing their reproductive habits.  As Tom notes, Sama was part of the music video for the second episode of Science With Tom.

As is custom with a Science With Tom Episode, there is additional content, which you can access via the episode playlist.  The music video is part of the full episode, but there are also segments on breaking into science, how a scientist sees the world, and a look into a scientist’s lab notebook.  Tom often releases some of these extras in between episodes, as this is his side gig.  Most days he can be found teaching middle school students.

The Verse Two contest continues.  Watch the music video for this episode (a reworking of an Usher track) and make up your own verse to go over the instrumental break.