State Of STEM Takes Place Today

While lacking the promotion of previous years, this afternoon there will be the fourth State of STEM presentation from the White House.  Starting at 1:30 p.m. Eastern, the address will include the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren, Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, and some of the STEM (science, engineering, technology and mathematics) guests at yesterday’s State of the Union address.

As with previous years, I expect the video to be available on the White House’s YouTube channel soon after the event today.

As I noted yesterday there will be two sessions related to science and technology in the White House’s Big Block of Cheese Day presentations.  The 2 p.m. session on energy and the environment will likely overlap with the last part of the State of STEM address, but since John Holdren is part of the 3 p.m. panel, I doubt the State of STEM address will run too long.