Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 11

This is a different kind of week for science and technology guests.  For once, it is not the Comedy Central programs bringing the guests, but other shows.  (Of course, desk pieces and other bits may be in store on The Daily Show and/or The Nightly Show, but you don’t hear about them in advance.)  And there is an abundance.

Tonight (Monday) and Tuesday are the key nights this week.  Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a rare West coast appearance when he sits down with Conan O’Brien on Monday.  StarTalk just finished its second season on television.

Tuesday is just thick with science and technology affiliated guests.  Two technology correspondents make appearances: Joshua Topolosky on The Tonight Show and Chi-Lan Lieu on The Talk.  Stephen Colbert continues his series of interviews with tech company CEOS with Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman.  Gillian Anderson, who is reprising her role as Dr. Dana Scully on The X-Files, visits with Jimmy Kimmel that same night, and David Rees finishes the night with Carson Daly.  The second season of Rees’ show Going Deep just finished.

If you still want more after Tuesday’s binge, Gillian Anderson continues her promotional tour with a visit with James Corden on Thursday.  Earlier that same night Lucy Liu will be on The Tonight Show.

Stephen Colbert ends the week on Friday with a video interview with Astronaut Scott Kelly.  I say video interview because Kelly remains on the International Space Station until March.

Some items of note from last week’s programs (though I’m behind on The Daily Show).  I was late on noting that biologist George Church would be on with Stephen Colbert on January 5th.  Regrettably, there is only a clip from the interview available as isolated video.

Over at Comedy Central, @midnight noted the recent additions to the Periodic Table on its January 5th edition (probably NSFW), and on January 7 episode of The Nightly Show covered crime-fighting robots in Silicon Valley (no, it’s not a movie) in a piece and a panel segment.


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