Next State Of The Union Will Be Annotated And Enhanced?

President Obama’s final State of the Union address will take place on Tuesday, January 12, at roughly 9:10 p.m. Eastern.  Since 2011 the White House has offered an ‘enhanced’ version of the address for online viewers, where charts, photos and graphs are inserted into the presentation to augment the president’s remarks.  You can find previous enhanced video of the addresses on the White House YouTube channel.

This year the White House appears to be taking things a step further.  While there’s no official word that the address will again be available in an enhanced version (I’d be surprised if it wasn’t), it will be made available in an annotated form shortly after the address.  Working with the Genius website the White House has made the addresses available for online comments in a way similar to how other political campaigns and public officials have made comments to other public documents.  You will need a Genius account in order to comment, and as the comments are made on the White House site (through the Genius commenting mechanism), they will certainly be subject to White House review before possibly being added to the page.

Already the White House has placed annotated versions of previous State of The Union addresses (and his first address to a joint Session of Congress in 2009) online.  Comments have been added by several White House staffers and administration officials.  You do not need an account to read the comments, simply click on the highlighted text to read the comment and any associated media.


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