Rap Guide To Climate Chaos Debuts In U.S. Next Month

The Soho Playhouse will once again host a Baba Brinkman show.  The New York City venue will premiere The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos on February 25.  And since trailers are no longer just for movies, you can watch this:

The project was first premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015 (which is where the trailer footage was shot).  Since then Brinkman has performed tracks from this rap guide at the COP 21 conference in Paris, and four of the tracks can be seen on his YouTube page.  Should you want early access to such things, he’s now offering that through a Patreon sponsorship (yes, I am one of his backers).  For now, these are the only ways to hear the new project, unless you’ll be making the trip to New York starting next month.

The production is scheduled to end on April 10, and tickets are reasonable.  If past productions can be used to predict future performances, Brinkman may incorporate some audience questions into the show.  I must emphasize the may.

While I’ve not been able to check out a show since the 2011 run of The Rap Guide to Evolution, I’d recommend anyone in New York during these performances to set aside a few hours one evening and take it in.  The Soho Playhouse is a small venue, so there are no bad seats, and you’ll have a lovely time of it.