European Innovation Council Still On Drawing Board?

Last summer Commissioner Research, Science and Innovation Moedas of the European Commission mentioned the possibility of establishing a European Innovation Council (EIC) to support innovation policies.  It could be a counterpart to the European Research Council, established in 2007.

There is this piece from Science|Business suggesting that the Commissioner and his staff are working behind the scenes to make the Council possible.  It’s hard for me to know how much credence to give to what is effectively a blind item, but its presence suggests to me a continued interest in having some kind of EIC, and that interest is not limited to the Commissioner.  The European Association of Research Technology Organizations is supportive, based on its short paper on the EIC.

But, and this is something I’ve slowly come to understand about Europe-wide regulatory and legislative processes, this will take time.  More time than the molasses-like output of the U.S. Congress.  Additionally, the lack of money for the project at the moment means those looking for more help in getting European research commercialized will need to be patient.