Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of January 4

January 5 – ETA appearance on Tuesday’s Late Show by geneticist George Church

George Church of Harvard, who appeared on Colbert’s previous program, will sit with Stephen on Tuesday’s episode.  He has recently commented on anti-aging drugs, which might be the focus of the conversation with Stephen.

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While most shows are back from holiday break this week, so there are some people to watch late at night.

The usual subjects are back, with a surprise or two.  Tonight (Monday) Stephen Colbert welcomes Olivia Hallisey, who was the Grand Prize winner of the 2015 Google Science Fair.  On Friday he will talk with Sarah Parcak, an archaeologist who has conducted a lot of her work with the help of remote sensing satellites.

Over at The Daily Show, Wednesday’s guest is David Peterson, a linguist who has created languages for, among other works, the Game of Thrones television series.

The Conan program will host two wing pilots on Tuesday.  Yves Rossey and Vince Reffet are the only people who have flown the jetwing – a jet-powered wing strapped to the pilot’s back.  Also on Tuesday, you can see Rami Malek, star of the series Mr. Robot, on with James Corden.

New episodes of MythBusters have started in the U.S., and will roll out in other countries over the next few weeks.  Check your local Discovery channel for information.  In the U.S. episodes will premier on Saturdays on Discovery and be repeated on the Science Channel the following Wednesday.  So if you missed the behind-the-scenes special that aired on Saturday, you can check it out Wednesday night.