Disasters.data.gov – One Year Later

Last December the government established the disasters.data.gov site as a repository for natural disaster data sets and as a portal for the community engaged in natural disasters to share information.

Currently there are 139 datasets and 23 tools available for first responders, citizen groups and others to review use and improve to help increase disaster readiness.  There remain the innovators challenges and calls to action to try from when the site was launched.

The White House blog post acknowledging the anniversary also noted the work of the Technology and Innovation for Disaster Preparedness Working Group, which is part of the National Science and Technology Committee.  While the kind of work it does in public is consistent with other groups seeking to leverage citizen interest and activity, I was particularly taken by the presentation from federal agencies at the recent Natinal Maker Faire.  I suppose I shouldn’t be that surprised at the effort to nudge action in an area of interest to particular applications, but it was not one of the first things I thought of for the government to promote at a public event with a broad audience.


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