Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 28

We end the year with the usual collection of pre-emptions and reruns.  On Wednesday you can re-watch Alicia Vikander’s latest appearance on The Tonight Show.  However, that conversation is focused more on her current film, The Danish Girl, rather than her performance as an android in Ex Machina (now on the DVD).

There are no new programs of note.  However, there was a new episode of StarTalk yesterday, featuring astronomer Brian Cox.  That should be available as a podcast within a few weeks.  The show will end its season next Sunday with main guest Gina McCarthy of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Going Deep with David Rees continues premiering episodes of its second season.

There is also the MythBusters megamarathon, which started on Christmas Eve and will run through at least this Saturday.  It’s running on The Science Channel, and each episode that airs at 7pm Eastern this week will be part of a game through the channel’s Head Rush app.  I’m just glad I finally caught up on those rare episodes I’ve never seen (though with over 230 of them so far, it’s hard to be precisely sure).

The first new episode of the final season will premiere on the Discovery channel in the U.S. on January 9.  A behind-the-scenes/preview special is scheduled for January 2 (while the megamarathon is still running).  I believe each new episode of the season will air Saturdays on the Discovery channel, and again the following Wednesday on The Science Channel.


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