Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 21

As you might guess, with Christmas on Friday the late night programs in the U.S. are either in repeats or pre-empted.  Before I try and suss out repeats worth catching again, I’ll note a couple of segments from last week worth seeing.

The Comedy Central programs are pre-empted this week and next, so catch The Daily Show‘s coverage of the climate deal in Paris and Senator Ted Cruz’s recent climate change science hearing (from December 14), where the Senator continued to dispute the scientific consensus.  On December 16 The Nightly Show had a segment called “That’s Not Science” concerning, among other issues, solar farming and how a North Carolina community failed to understand how it works.  And on Friday Stephen Colbert discussed the solicitation for astronaut applications by NASA.

For this week’s repeats, you can watch Kunal Nayyar’s September appearance on Conan this Tuesday.  Nayyar plays a scientist on The Big Bang Theory.  The following night Aaron Sorkin is back on to discuss the recent Steve Jobs film he wrote.  On Tuesday you can re-watch Ted Koppel’s recent appearance with Stephen Colbert.  Koppel’s latest book is on cybersecurity.

Worth remembering is that there will be new episodes this week of both StarTalk and Going Deep with David Rees.  And the mega-marathon of MythBusters episodes starts late Wednesday/early Thursday (check those local listings) on the Science Channel.


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