Science and Technology Guests on Late Night, Week of December 7

Before I note the late night guests and content for this week, there are items from last night worth passing along.

In the latest episode of The Simpsons, Lisa works to restore the reputation of a 19th century female inventor in Springfield.  The other plotline focuses on Bart’s potential sociopathy, so perhaps this is a science and technology twofer.

In the latest episode of the FOX comedy Brooklyn 99, Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a cameo to try and help one of the police officers in the squad pass her astronomy exam.

On to the late night programs.  I missed noting that David Rees appeared on the November 19 edition of The Daily Show – it was a last minute edition.  Rees was promoting his how-to show, Going Deep, and discussed how to shake hands during his interview.  In an online-only segment, Rees instructed Daily Show host Trevor Noah on the intricacies of petting dogs.

On close examination, there do not appear to be any guests on this week directly connected to science and technology.  There will be a new episode of Going Deep this week, with David Rees examining the practice of signatures.  Trust me, he can find enough material to fill a half-hour program (with commercials).  And in a non-science and technology note, tonight (Monday) former Daily Show host Jon Stewart returns to the program, to discuss on of his causes, federal support for first responders who served on September 11th.

You can fill the gap by checking out several segments from The Daily Show that aired last week.  On December 1 the show covered the Paris climate talks and the notion of a hoverboard that doesn’t actually hover.  On December 2 the show had a segment where Jordan Kleppert’s cooking segment went south due to recent revelations on various developments in food.  On December 3 the show had fun with a release of raw video footage from Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign.  But the release was done by using technology in order to circumvent (apparently legally) campaign finance law that prevents a campaign from coordinating efforts with the so-called “super-PACs”


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