PCAST Offers Recommendations For Private Sector Adaptation To Climate Change

Last week the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) released a letter report to the President on private sector measures on climate change.  The report was requested by the President in March and PCAST intends it as a companion to its March 2013 report that focused on strategic and policy recommendations for the administration’s climate change efforts.

The report findings suggest that existing adaptation knowledge, activities and understanding the private sector is limited and focused on shorter-term goals and activities.  PCAST considers its recommendations helpful in assisting the private sector in better understanding what resources exist, and how they can act in ways that will have longer-term impacts.

While PCAST focused on the agriculture, energy and water sectors in developing its recommendations, it considers them to be generally applicable across the private sector.  They are:

Educate and communicate (with the private sector)
Enhance adaptation-science research and technology development and demonstration (with an eye toward fostering the development of adaptation technologies for both the private and public sectors)
Close the information gap
Unlock investment capital (for adaptation projects)
Expand public-private partnerships
Leverage existing programs to deploy a city-based pilot project (The report specifically thinks the Strong Cities, Strong Communities program could be used for such an adaptation project in three different program cities)


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